Project References


Special Materials Sampling      
End User  SizeWall(s) Item(s)  Material
Exxon Mobil 10″, 12″S/120 Seamless Pipe and Fittings321SS, P11
Marathon 12″,14″S/40S & S/80SSeamless Fittings Duplex 2205
Kiewit/Shenzi 6″-20″S/10S, S/40SSeamless Fittings Super Duplex (32760)
Exxon Mobil 10″-16″S/100 Seamless Pipe and FittingsAlloy 825
BP  6″S/120 Seamless Pipe Duplex 2205
Santee Cooper 14″,16″S/40S Seamless Pipe 304/L SS
Emco  10″-20″S/120 Seamless Pipe and FittingsDuplex 2205
Parsons/Santee Cooper28″,30″,36″1.08″MW Welded Pipe A672 C.70 CL.22
Excelon  14.7″Min ID1.888″MWSeamless Pipe P22
Excelon  10″Min ID1.311″MWSeamless Pipe P22
Premcor  16″S/100 Seamless Pipe Duplex 2205
Exxon Mobil 14″.866″MW Seamless Pipe and Fittings321H SS
Mustang  18″, 24″S/120 Seamless Pipe and Fittings347SS
Degussa  24″XH Welded XRAY Fittings304H
Degussa  30″XH Welded XRAY Fittings304H
Degussa  36″XH Welded XRAY Fittings304H
Flour Nexen Long Lake18″1.875″AWWelded XRAY Pipe 304/L SS
Flour Nexen Long Lake20″,22″x24″S/160 Welded XRAY Pipe 304/L SS
Flour Nexen Long Lake10″S/120 Seamless Pipe Monel 400
Flour Nexen Long Lake8″S/100 Seamless Pipe Monel 400
Flour Nexen Long Lake8″S/100 Seamless Pipe Duplex 2205
Southern Electric 22″x18″2″MW Concentric Wye(Seamless)P91
BP  10″-24″S/140 Welded XRAY Pipe 321SS
Flour  12″-20″S/100 Welded XRAY Pipe and Fittings347H SS
Stone and Webster 19.5″OD3.5″MW Seamless Pipe and FittingsP91
Stone and Webster 7.40″ID1.66″MW Seamless Pipe P91
Stone and Webster 6″ Min ID1.345″MWSeamless Pipe P91
Cleco  40.7″ Min ID1.076″MWSeamless Pipe P91
Premcor  8″.625″AW Seamless Pipe and FittingsAlloy 800HT
Premcor  12″.875″AW Seamless Pipe and FittingsAlloy 800HT
Premcor  8″-14″S/120 Seamless Pipe and FittingsAlloy 800HT
Stone and Webster 33″ID1.750″MWSeamless Fittings P22
Stone and Webster 33″ID1.750″MW90deg Wye F22
LS Power(Sandy Creek)39″ID1.060″MWSeamless Fittings A234 WPC
LS Power(Sandy Creek)16″OD1.893″MWSeamless Fittings A234 WPC
BP  3″-24″S/40-S/80 Fabricated Tee StrainersA234 WPB
BP  3″-24″S/40-S/80 Fabricated Tee Strainers316L SS
BP  3″-24″S/40-S/80 Fabricated Tee Strainers317L SS
BP  3″-24″S/40-S/80 Fabricated Tee StrainersP9
Duke Energy(Cliffside)16″-24″Up to 3.963″ wallLR90, Tee, Conc Red A234 WPB Smls
Dayton Power and Light19.50″OD3.980″MWSeamless Pipe P22
Dayton Power and Light25.25″OD5.154″MWSeamless Pipe P22
Dayton Power and Light25.25″X19.50″ 5.154″MW45deg Wye F22
Dayton Power and Light31.25″OD1.758″MWSeamless Pipe P22
Dayton Power and Light27.50″OD1.459″MWSeamless Pipe P22
Dayton Power and Light31.25″X27.50″ 1.756″MWSpecial Design Tee P22
Shell  8″-16″various wallsSeamless pipe/fittingsSuper Duplex (32760)
Stone and Webster 10″ID2.30″MW Seamless Pipe P92
Kiewit/Anadarko 2″-12″Up to 2″ wallSeamless Fittings & FlangesAISI 4130
Toshiba  28″1.50″ Seamless Flanged ElbowP11
Toshiba  38″ and 42″up to 1″ Seamless pipe P11